This new trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta will Trigger you


A new trailer has just been released for Resident Evil: Vendetta – the latest animated film in the series. This trailer gives us some explosive new details of what to expect when the film releases sometime in 2017 (May for Japan).

The film’s villain, Glenn Arias, is definitely one bad dude. He’s taken over Neo Umbrella and Tricell’s operations and is planning to unleash the Trigger Virus (yup) in New York City. Said virus creates BOWs that actually know the difference between allies and enemies, a step up from mindless zombies. It’s up to Chris, Leon, and Rebecca to save the day.

This trailer was way more… explosive and action-oriented than I was expecting the movie to be. But, hey, at least we’re seeing these characters team up, especially Rebecca, who’s been sorely missing from recent entries. And speaking of Rebecca. Not only does she love her old-school outfit, but she also gets captured in this! But who is the mysterious woman that captures her?

You can watch the trailer below!

YouTube video

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