Steve Burnside hinted at on viral Tumblr page (Update)

Update: Yup, as expected, it was all a hoax. It seems Resident Evil 6 hype is plagued by them. Regardless, seeing all of you squirm at the idea Steve could return makes me hope that he does. It’s not an out of the ordinary concept. We’re talking about Resident Evil’: you’re only dead for as long as it takes Capcom to spoil your return in a trailer.

Original Post: Remember that Tumblr page that hinted at Sherry Birkin’s inclusion in Resident Evil 6? Well, that very same page has just been updated. The latest post done today simply reads “267“. What is 267, you might ask? That would be Steve Burnside’s Rockfort Island prison number.

I questioned the validity of the Tumblr page in question but they were right about Sherry Birkin, weren’t they? Perhaps this site is yet another piece of Capcom’s viral campaign.It certainly seems so!

Now, if Steve is Jake Muller then we certainly have a big reunion going on without Claire. Claire and Sherry have a close bond due to the events of Resident Evil 2, and one with Steve because of the events of Code Veronica. If both Sherry and Steve are back, where’s Claire? Hopefully we get a glimpse of her soon. But for now, let’s still take this news with a grain of salt and hope Steve is back; hopefully not as whiny.


[Thanks Dario!]

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