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Second title update for Resident Evil 6 coming next week

The first title update for Resident Evil 6 granted players an ability that they wished they had from the onset of the game’s release: camera customization. Now, almost a month later, it’s time for the second — once again free — title update for the game.

Said update will go live on January 22, and it will bring the following changes:

Agent Hunt mode

-Now available without completing the game first
-Selectable criteria before joining a session: Stage, Region, other settings like Infinite Ammo and Friendly Fire

Stage Selection

-Individual stages within chapters can be accessed any time once completed

General updates

-QTE assist: Players can optionally activate QTE assist from Amateur difficulty inside any other difficulty level (handy for fighting a certain boss at the end of Leon’s campaign on Professional…)

-Some areas have had their difficulty adjusted based on feedback

Are you looking forward to any of these features? At this point, I’m ready to see what Capcom has cooking for a new DLC scenario. Come on, you know it has to happen!


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