Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles trophies revealed

The trophies for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles have been revealed and are detailed below (thanks Biohazard-France!). The game will be available in HD on the PlayStation Network sometime in June as part of the Chronicles HD Collection.

Professional: Clear all chapters on the hardest difficulty with an S rank.(Gold)

Archive Collector: Collect all archives.(Silver)

Forbidden Power: Witness the end of one suffocated by power.(Silver)

Other Side of the Coin: Capture a glimpse into the changing mind of a comrade.(Silver)

Tofu Smack Down!: Clear the secret stage.(Silver)

Angelic Voice: Hear the singing voice of a little girl.(Bronze)

Bye-Bye, Mommy: Recover a mother’s instinct.(Bronze)

Head Shot Freak: Land at least 5 headshots in a row.(Bronze)

Ninja Skills: Slip through the trap without a scratch.(bronze)

The Little Fugitive: Save the little girl.(Bronze)

The Mad Queen: Take out the queen ant.(Bronze)


What Research Holds In Store: Bring peace to the sad researcher.(Bronze)




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