Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Description

Some descriptions have popped up for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations trailer, and from the sound of things this could be our first hint into the direction the Resident Evil series is now going since it appears this game takes place after Resident Evil 5.

A beaten up and shirtless Chris lays tied up and speechless in a chair as Jill holds him at gunpoint, asking him all sorts of questions and making threats about some force that has been unleashed onto the world unlike anything they have ever experienced. As she speaks images flash on the top screen quickly, mentioned are a boat in stormy weather, HUNK backing up and shooting something coming at him, scenes of Chris and Jill in Lost in Nightmares Resident Evil DLC, a never before seen mansion bigger than any other ever seen, and then it flashes out as another Chris in his BSAA outfit walks into the room, as Jill holds them both to gunpoint and the screen fading off to read, “Resident Evil Revelations”. The video was apparently short but a lot happened very quickly.

The Lost in Nightmares screens suggest maybe this has to do with the things mentioned in that, including Alex Wesker, an immortality virus, and a few other notes of interest. These all could be clues to the direction the series is going, and this game seems to very much be our first step in the new direction of Resident Evil. The fact Lost in Nightmares is brought up in past tense and Jill and Chris are together and part of the BSAA more than suggest this game does indeed take place after Resident Evil 5. The boat, the clones, the bigger mansion, and HUNK all could be hinting at what’s to come.

There are a few descriptions about but a notable one can be found HERE
A lot of this also comes from talking with several E3 intendees who got to experience the 3DS and the trailer and had similar and matching descriptions around the web. If anything, this direction is interesting and we’ll bring you more as it comes.

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