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Resident Evil Revelations’ TGS 2011 trailer is all about Rachel

TGS 2011 doesn’t officially commence until next week, but that isn’t stopping Capcom from getting ahead of the game by releasing a brand new trailer for Resident Evil Revelations. And let me tell you, if you thought the recently revealed new character, Rachel, was just another “side-character” addition to the game’s already meaty cast, then oh boy were you wrong.

Yes, Revelations’ TGS 2011 trailer (posted below) is all about Rachel. Besides me being annoyed by her hair and how it covers a good portion of her face (she seriously needs to fix that), I’m now actually really, really excited about this new character, even though it’s still not clear who she’s working for. One thing’s for certain: Rachel’s particular scenario seen in this trailer will definitely serve as a prequel of sorts to Jill and Chris’ scenarios.

And you know me, I absolutely love breaking down new trailers for Resident Evil titles, so you can definitely expect a full break-down of this latest one in a future installment of reHorror.

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