Resident Evil – Revelations Gameplay Video

Just yesterday a video of Resident Evil – Revelations popped up on YouTube.  The video shows two people playing on the 3DS as Jill.  The 3D is turned off, and it appears that the majority of the action takes place on the upper screen, with the lower screen being delegated to possibly inventory management (I really don’t know, I don’t read Japanese).  What’s interesting to note is that unlike Resident Evil 4 and 5, when the player’s weapon is drawn, the camera goes into a first-person mode.

So what is that enemy that our player runs into there?  At first glance it almost looks like a Regenerator?  Perhaps something similar?

It would appear that for a lot of the video, the 3D feature is turned off.  However, this isn’t quite the case, as in some instances you can see a bit of blurring when the 3DS is tilted from side to side.  The camera looks at the two hosts a lot more often than we’d like, but we’ll take it nonetheless.  It really shows off the graphics of the game and confirms that the 3DS is going to be a portable powerhouse that will no doubt dominate next-gen handheld systems.

Resident Evil – Revelations sure looks like a return to the survival-horror roots that we know and love.   Here’s hoping that the launch of Revelations comes quick.  Quick as in–we want to go into the future if only to play this game, then come right back.  Oh, and while we’re there, we’d play Resident Evil – The Mercenaries 3D, too.

Special thanks to RoH contributor ShadowOne333 for spotting this one!


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