Resident Evil: Resistance: Masterminds Alex and Spencer Revealed

I’d just been wondering where Resident Evil: Resistance information was. Since its full reveal as a pack-in multiplayer experience with Resident Evil 3 Remake, Resident Evil: Resistance hasn’t had much time in the spotlight. Today, we finally got some new details, and they’re pretty awesome — especially the new playable masterminds. From the press release:

Today Capcom announced two additional Masterminds joining the roster for Resident Evil: Resistance, the upcoming 4 versus 1 asymmetrical survival horror experience included with Resident Evil 3. Infamous Resident Evil villains, Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer, each bring a unique brand of terror to the game and a set of special abilities to thwart the Survivors trying to escape Umbrella Corporation’s devious experiments. This duo rounds out Umbrella’s team of Masterminds in Resident Evil: Resistance, alongside the previously announced newcomer Daniel Fabron and the notorious Annette Birkin.

Fans who recognize Alex Wesker from Resident Evil Revelations 2 might remember she employs a more indirect means to achieve her goals. As a villain who enjoys putting her subjects through psychological horrors and experiments, she makes the perfect Mastermind. Alex’s play style puts an emphasis on using traps, while also manipulating the map to slow Survivors down with roadblocks and enhanced zombies. As if these were not intimidating enough, when Alex gets really serious, she can call upon a vicious carnivorous plant called Yateveo. This stationary bioweapon might not move, but in the right place it’s a powerful obstruction that keeps Survivors from their objective of escaping.

Ozwell E. Spencer has been a shadowy antagonist in the Resident Evil series, letting others do his dirty work. As the fourth Mastermind of Resident Evil Resistance, Ozwell is now taking a more hands-on approach. Enjoying his position as one of Umbrella Corporation’s founders, Ozwell uses the company’s cutting edge technology to torment Survivors. Unlike other Masterminds who summon controllable bioweapons (like Alex Wesker’s Yateveo, Annette Birkin’s G-Birkin and Daniel Fabron’s Tyrant), Ozwell instead generates a Disintegration Field that severely damages any Survivor who haplessly passes through it.

In addition to revealing new Masterminds, Capcom also shared new artwork showcasing two new maps where Masterminds and Survivors will try to outwit each other:

  • Casino: An entertainment facility for thrill-seekers… and insidious Masterminds. Its still-operating slot machines and chips strewn across the floor tell the eerie tale of how hastily it was deserted during the collapse of Raccoon City.
  • Abandoned Park: A horror-themed park located on the outskirts of Raccoon City. It too was left abandoned when zombies and bioweapons overran Raccoon City. Now, monsters both real and imagined now patiently await visitors.

You can check out images of the new maps below. They’re pretty neat and very colorful. Raccoon City, despite being the most re-visited location in the series’ history, still hasn’t been explored all that much. Even though Resident Evil: Resistance is non-canon, it’s still very cool to see these new locations. There’s also an image of that new Yateveo monster, looking like something straight out of Arkham Asylum’s botanical gardens. It’s great to finally get some new details on Resident Evil: Resistance, and hopefully we’ll see more in these last two months leading up to the release of both it and Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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