Resident Evil Remakes Pass New Sales Records

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Resident Evil has always been a profitable franchise for Capcom. Its very first entry was a smash hit and basically mainline entry since has seen massive sales. Regardless of their critical reception, games like Resi 6 were behemoth hits. Fortunately, Capcom has managed to strike a good balance in recent years, with the recent REmakes being both acclaimed (for the most part) and profitable.

Now, thanks to a new finanical report from Capcom, we’ve new updates on how those games are selling. The report covers Q2 for Capcom’s FY2023, covering roughly June, July and August (as Capcom’s fiscal year starts in March).

Separate Ways DLC

Here’s the lowdown:

  • RE4 Remake has now sold 5.5 million units.
  • RE3 Remake has now sold 8.8 million units.
  • RE2 Remake has now sold 13.3 million units.

These are pretty impressive numbers. 2 and 3, titles now several years old, have both sold around a million units so far this year. RE2 Remake is managing to even outsell the immensely popular Monster Hunter Rise and its DLC, Sunbreak. RE4 Remake continues to sell well, though is understandably seeing a slow in sales as we get further from launch.

It’ll be interesting to hear how the game’s Separate Ways DLC sells, though we’ll have to wait until next quarter to get that info. Regardless, the future appears to be very, very bright for the Resident Evil series – though where exactly it goes from here remains to be seen.

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