Resident Evil: Outbreak headed to PSN as PS2 Classic?

It might not be quite the triumphant return that Outbreak fans have hoped for, but it’s definitely a start.

With Capcom being one of the companies releasing games for the PS2 Classics line on the Playstation Network, fans were prompted to call for Resident Evil: Outbreak, Files 1 and 2 to be added.  You can check out the forum where the conversation is taking place to put in your two cents.


Fans clamouring for Resident Evil: Outbreak.  See?  There’s us.

Christian Svensson, the Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President of Capcom stated that even if the two games were brought to PSN, the online component would be missing.  Capcom began shutting down the servers that ran the online multiplayer in 2007 after both Outbreak: File 1 and Outbreak: File 2.  This effectively renders the game a single-player experience, incapable of even local multiplayer.

Svensson also commented that emulation process takes some time, if it could even be done at all.  Positive news though – it hasn’t been completely ruled out!  So if you missed your shot on the PS2 with Outbreak, you’d still be able to play on your PS3.

However, no online component?  The PS2 might not have had the best online service, but the Outbreak series was a pioneer for online resi play.  If local co-op could be implemented, that’d be a bonus, but Outbreak with no multiplayer at all seems almost like a bit of a lost cause  – would you really want to play Outbreak without multiplayer?  Or rather, would you want to pay for it again (if you already have it) without that multiplayer?  Sound off in the comments section!


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