Resident Evil @ Comic-Con 2011 Report- Underwater, Zombies, and Wesker – Oh my!

Yesterday at Comic Con 2011, Capcom had some word for their upcoming Resident Evil titles, Operation Raccoon City and Revelations. A personal friend of mine, CaptainFalconGuyGCN , was able to attend and reported back some interesting news.

First of all, Capcom talked some about a new element that exists in Resident Evil Revelations, which is environmental hazards. One such thing players will have to face on the Cruise ship is underwater sections (which we touched up on at E3 with a behind-doors preview we witnessed). Originally a scrapped idea for Resident Evil 5, it comes back to play in Revelations. Players have to swim under the water with full 360 degree control, using a light to brighten the darker depths of the sea, as well as special underwater weapons to obtain individually. Air is a concern, though it can be assumed the diver gear that Jill and Parker wear (two of the main characters playable on the ship in Revelations) is there for more than decoration. Possibly you can upgrade your air time? However, down in the deep are also large and deadly sea monsters that roam the depths, and in water one can’t hear you scream… Apparently, the teased underwater BOW is something akin to a Giant Squid.

More than water, talking with a rep there is also a distinct possibility the other two main characters, Chris and Jessica, will have their own environmental ordeals to cope with. Based on what we know about them, as well as some subtle hints, we’re going to assume it has to do with the cold and possibly freezing.

Finally, on Revelations they talked about how the masked man we see at the end of the E3 2011 trailer is going to play a large role in the story. They also said the game (Revelations, that is) will see a return of popular enemies from the franchise, with a special throw out to Zombies (they aren’t out of the game, we’re reassured), though possibly in a new form we haven’t seen them in before.

On Operation Raccoon City, they had less news to report, but did confirm that HUNK will be in the game and have huge influences on the game. It has been mentioned earlier Operation Raccoon City has multiple branching paths and one can choose who they aid and kill, and HUNK may play a role in that. The demo on floor was the same as the E3 area, but with a more refined and “tightened” build it seems.

They also teased that Wesker may also play a pivotal role in Operation Raccoon City or Revelations, or maybe both. They say Umbrella will play a huge role in both titles.

We’ll continue to bring you more news on both titles as they develop.

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