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Resident Evil 6 ‘leaked character list’ from a few months back seems to have been real

*Warning – This post most likely contains a big spoiler for Resident Evil 6; You have been warned*

As Jorge continues to write-up his complete analysis of the trailer and surrounding information of Resident Evil 6 (he’s seriously got an eye for noticing small things and piecing them together, I tell you what), it seems that a previous rumor for Resident Evil 6 has come to light. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, since they’re often more false than true. Sometimes though these leaks do end up being true, and that seems to be the case of a late Resident Evil 6 rumor back from January. This one got a lot of friction because it came near the game’s announcement, but many were on the fence whenever to believe it or not. It was a simple list, containing eight names, that about anyone could quickly write-up and call it a ‘leak’. However, in this case it seems this list was actually true. The list contained the game’s ‘major’ and playable characters, which were:

Leon S. Kennedy
Helena Harper
Chris Redfield
Piers Nivans
Jake Muller (Wesker’s son)
Sherry Birkin
Ada Wong
Carla Radames (Ada’s clone)

Having a character that was Wekser’s son, Sherry Brikin returning, as well as a clone of Ada, all seemed pretty ridiculous at the time. However, what brings light to the truth of this rumor is the name of Wesker’s son, Jake Muller. This is indeed the third Mercenaries name, and he is also really Wesker’s son. That’s too good to be a guess, which sheds light that the mysterious woman people see in the trailer may not actually be Ada, but her clone Carla. It also means that Ada and Carla may have their own scenario, or be playable in Mercenaries mode (which is confirmed). Let the speculation commence!

We’ll bring you more on Resident evil 6 as it develops.

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