Resident Evil 6 is now official - Rely on Horror

Resident Evil 6 is now official

This year has been quite an important one for the Resident Evil franchise. This year, on March 22 to be exact, Resident Evil celebrated its 15th anniversary. While we still have some time left until 2012, this new announcement is the perfect cap to the festivities, leading us to the next big thing. That next big thing is, of course, Resident Evil 6.

The Resident Evil 6 teaser trailer that we posted earlier has been confirmed as being real. Kotaku reports that said trailer was part of a highlight reel, showcasing various trailers for upcoming Capcom titles. What still hasn’t been confirmed, though, is the bits of info we just received which reveal Leon and Jill as the central figures, amongst other details (like the game’s setting being in Canada and a cinematic camera style akin to the series’ classic titles). You can view the teaser trailer below and expect this week’s reHorror column to be all about it.


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