Nintendo announces Resident Evil Revelations and circle pad pro bundle

A little while ago, we theorized that Nintendo could offer Resident Evil fans some huge bang for their buck by releasing a Resident Evil themed 3DS bundle.  Considering how Nintendo is exclusively handling the sales, marketing and distribution of Resident Evil: Revelations just like they handled Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, it’d be a no brainer, right?

Nintendo UK has announced that Resident Evil: Revelations will be available to players across Europe as a stand-alone game and as a special edition bundle, which will also include the new Circle Pad Pro accessory.

No word on whether or not this will feature a limited run designed console or whether or not Nintendo will eventually include the Mercenaries 3DS.  Or really, even if it will come to the US.

Just another photoshop, but imagine the possibilities!

We hope that all of this happens, really.  With the lowered price of the 3DS, we’re kind of disappointed we didn’t wait to pick one up.

…Kind of.


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