New Spec Ops Missons released for Operation Raccoon City

The first Echo Six Expansion Pack has been released for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City today, bringing with it three new missions. The first mission starts off at City hall, and over the next three chapters you will also explore the sewers (oh fun!), protect Sherry Birkin all the while fighting for your own life.

In addition to the three new chapters you also get two new multilayer maps. Seems like a nice deal for ten bucks, then again, Capcom has me sold regardless so they can count on having my money!

The new expansion can be found on XBLA and PSN for the price of 800 msp and $9.99, respectively. The description for the DLC pack is below.

3 tough new Spec Ops missions. Spec Ops continue to hunt for evidence that proves Umbrella’s guilt in the outbreak. The missions take you across the city. First to City Hall and deadly USS sniper squads; then to Umbrella’s secret underground facility and a brutal encounter with the Nemesis; finally through the city sewers and a desperate rescue mission and battle with G-Birkin.


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