New Resident Evil Revelations screens show off Parker and Jessica’s raiding skills

Over the next few days, Capcom-Unity will be playing host to some brand new images and information pertaining to the characters we’ll be able to play as in Resident Evil Revelations’ Raid Mode come next year. Today they kicked things off by shedding some light on a pair of new faces being introduced to the series’ cast with this game: Jessica and Parker.

The new images show off both Parker and Jessica in action, going up against various forms of the Ooze, with one shot showing Jessica facing one of the new invisible Hunters and Parker doing battle with a new, blob-like BOW. We see this particular blob-like looking creature being fought in that village-looking area we’ve seen Jill, Parker and O’Brian conversing in before ( we’ve also seen artwork of this area before). Then we also get some images showing off both characters in their extra costumes. Is there something you notice about Parkers? Why yes, that seems to be really, really similar to the outfit this guy is wearing in this image.

I’ll be offering my two cents on the matter this Friday with a very speculative installment of reHorror.


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