Guess what? Resident Evil 6 has a FIFTH scenario

Four full-fledged scenarios in Resident Evil 6 not enough for you? Well, you’ll be very, very pleased to know that there’s actually a fifth scenario, titled “Prelude.” Just take my money already, Capcom.

A few days ago Eurogamer posted their preview of the game’s updated build, in it they revealed that Resident Evil 6, on top of the already revealed four scenarios, would boast “an unseen ‘Prelude’ campaign.” And the image above, which has just been leaked and posted on various RE sites, pretty  much seals the deal, listing all five campaigns. Yup, five separate campaigns!

Judging by its title, it looks like we’ll be getting a short intro scenario setting the stage for the rest of the El Gigante-size game. The question here is: Who will we be playing as? I’ll be devoting an upcoming reHorror column to this very question. But feel free to speculate in the comments section below!


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