First wave of Resident Evil Funko Pops revealed, coming in January


At long last, we finally have official images of the upcoming Resident Evil Funko Pops. We even know when to expect them to hit store shelves.

The first wave of pops REpresenting the series will include: Jill Valentine (RE1), Leon S. Kennedy (RE4), Nemesis (RE3), Tyrant (RE1), the Licker (RE2), and the Hunter (RE1). The Hunter and Tyrant pops will be six inches tall. Which…is strange. I mean, it’s totally fine for Tyrant to tower over the other pops in this wave, but can we really believe that a Hunter BOW is taller than Nemesis?!

Speaking of which, the Hunter and Tyrant will both be store-exclusive pops. The Hunter will be GameStop exclusive, while the standard Tyrant will be exclusive to Hot Topic. There will also be a glow-in-the-dark version of everyone’s favorite tall, naked man, and that will be exclusive to Target.

This first wave of Resident Evil pops will hit stores in January! You can check out images of each one below!

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