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ESRB rating reveals new Resident Evil 7 story details


I’m going to start this by giving a spoiler warning. I mean, sure, we don’t get super spoilers that ruin entire parts of the game’s plot, but we still get some little spoilers here nonetheless. The “here” comes in the form of Resident Evil 7’s ESRB rating.

The main character’s name is Ethan (I hope there’s no Jason), and he finds himself in the game’s derelict plantation mansion looking for his wife. The story will have some “fucks” and “shits” along the way through the dialogue, and, of course, scenes of explicit violence and gore. (A man will have a shovel dug into his face, and someone else gets their leg severed by one from the knee down.)

Though we’ve yet to see any actual combat, the game will let players use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosive and chainsaws to take on mutant baddies. It’s interesting they note “mutant creatures” as opposed to just regular ol’ zombies, because, again, we haven’t seen any of that yet in the trailers and such.

We’ll keep you updated with more Resident Evil 7 news!

[Source via Wario64]

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