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E3 2010:Resident Evil Revelations Hands-On

Resident Evil Revelations is the new entry into the storied franchise that will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS exclusively and it is said to be an original take on the classic series. Kotaku’s own Brian Crecente went hands-on with the just announced title and while only describing a cut-scene he stated :

” I started off the cutscene with the 3DS resting on the table, but in my hands. It was a bit further away from my face then it typically would be when playing. The impact was horrendous. It felt like I had gone permanently cross eyed. It made my stomach flop slightly and my eyes quickly tried to correct what they were seeing”

But no worries just yet! Seeing as how people,outside developers, are just now getting their hands on the device, all it took was some minor tinkering to get everything running properly as stated:

” I used the slider on the face of the 3DS to turn the 3D down but it didn’t help. They I tried moving the 3DS slightly closer and suddenly the game’s images synched and the world was amazingly deep”

For his full impressions on Revelations, along with his impressions on the other 3DS titles at hand head on over to Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/5564204/hands+on-with-seven-nintendo-3ds-games-and-gadgets

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