Check out Leon, Chris, Raccoon City, and more in new Umbrella Corps trailer


Capcom has just revealed a brand new trailer for Umbrella Corps. Set to release on PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21, Umbrella Corps is all about team-based action. The game also brings back some classic locales from the series, serving as the maps we’ll get to shoot each other in (and zombies). This trailer shows off the game’s Raccoon City level, including the RPD station.

It’s always nice seeing Raccoon City again, but… even after watching this reveal in the trailer, I’m still not excited for the game. Hell, even after seeing the interior shots of the RPD station in the trailer, I was still left with no excitement at all. Oh, and about the station… I know this is a multiplayer-oriented game and all, but the way they altered the interior is just really, really ugly.

The trailer also shows off an upgrade pack which lets players take on the roles of beloved faces like Chris, Leon, Barry, HUNK, Wesker and the more recent Jake Muller. Lastly, as expected, we get to see what the pre-order bonus is for the game: a fashion victim set that lets you customize your outfits.

Check out the trailer below.

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