Capcom’s Resident Evil 15th anniversary event set to be streamed live

At this point, it’s much safer to expect a Resident Evil 6 announcement at June’s mega-gaming event: E3 2012. But still, Capcom could somehow surprise us and drop an official tease of the inevitable title sooner rather than later. That’s what the expectation is for the publisher’s big Resident Evil 15th anniversary event. Just don’t be disappointed if nothing new comes out of said event, which is being held in the Shibuya District of Tokyo on Friday.

Why even expect any announcement at all? Well, it’s being streamed worldwide as it happens, via Capcom’s Ustream channel. So big things could be planned for the event (big enough to warrant a live stream) which is also doubling as a celebration of Resident Evil Revelations’ launch on the 3DS. The festivities are set to kick off at 7 pm in Japan. Stay tuned for more information.

UPDATE: The game’s official release date in Japan is on January 26. So perhaps attendees will be able to get the game early.


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