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Capcom plans to have Dead Rising replace Resident Evil as their best IP

That is a bold mission, one that will take alot of hard work, in my opinion, to fully achieve. Dead rising , compared to Resident Evil, is a more recent franchise with only 2 games under its belt (counting the Wii port). While Resident Evil, on the other hand, is a huge franchise with sequels and spin-offs galore. Not to mention a bigger fanbase, due to it being around for a longer period of time. Someone thinks that despite these facts, Dead Rising could still lift itself above Resident Evil as Capcom’s premiere IP.

That someone is Capcom’s head of global reasearch and development: Keiji Inafune. He states,  as the title suggests: “The goal for Dead rising 2 is to replace the Resident Evil franchise and become number one IP within Capcom.”

Good luck to that, I mean, yeah Dead Rising has zombies while Resident Evil has strayed away from the undead , tapping onto new territory in terms of enemies and gameplay. Even though this is the case, Resident Evil still has the upper hand in sales. So, it looks like Inafune is going to have his hands full for the forthcoming years.

And, Dead Rising 3 was somewhat confirmed, by stating that it all depends on Dead Rising 2’s sales. Isn’t that what sequels always depend on anyways?


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