A couple of minutes with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Earlier last month, we got a chance to preview Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City and walked away pretty impressed. Set in the time of the 2nd and 3rd titles in the series, ORC is sure to impress long-time fans, as well as newcomers alike.

The brief demo available shows off some new mechanics during gameplay, namely what happens when you’re injured. When severely hurt, you’ll be notified on-screen that your intense bleeding will attract the infected. This new mechanic is not only an interesting take on the way you play, but it also immerses you into your character, making you feel the fear like never before.

sorry so blurry!

You’re given the choice of six different characters to choose from, each of which have their own special abilities.

From the Wikipedia page:

There are six playable characters in the game: Vector, Beltway, Spectre, Four Eyes, Lupo and Bertha. Each have their own unique abilities: Vector (real name unknown) is the team’s recon expert and is equipped with a cloaking ability; Beltway (real name Hector Hivers) is proficient in the use of explosives; Bertha (real name Michaela Schneider) is the team’s medic; Spectre (real name Vladimir Bodrovski) is the team’s surveillance class and sharpshooter; Four Eyes (real name Christine Yamata) is the scientist of the group with the ability to program the bio-organic weapons (BOWs); and Lupo (real name Karena Lesproux), who is an Assault class/Team Leader as shown in a recent trailer.

From the scenarios that were provided in the demo, the game is very fast-paced. Having not played a RE game in a while, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how well the melee combat has evolved from previous titles, and was the primary way I dispatched the infected when I played.

As someone who hasn’t played through a Resident Evil game from beginning to end in a while, the little time I spent with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has me giddy like a little school girl — who kills zombies.



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