10 games you should be playing to get in the holiday spirit

Mad Overdose has posted a top 10 list , in no particular ranked order, of horror titles that people should be playing to get in the mood for Halloween. Below is an excerpt highlighting one of the listed titles, a personal favorite as well.

Resident Evil, the REmake, the definitive mansion horror game, until another can come along and sweep away the title, but that seems like a long ways off, if it comes at all. Trapped in a manor full of zombies, mutants, and traps, the police officers of Raccoon City have to unravel the conspiracy behind the murders of their townsfolk. The remake of the game that kicked the horror genre in its ass and got it truly flying, this game is pure horror, even when things don’t make sense, you just don’t care. Gamecube and Wii. (On Wii as Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil) This is really in my opinion, the one horror game that has aged beautifully. It still looks good, it still controls good, it sounds fantastic and it still scares the living shit out of me. Bring spare underwear.

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