Resident Evil Movie Set For September 9th, 2021 Release

Resident Evil Movie Set For September 9th, 2021 Release

2021 is looking to be quite the year for Resident Evil. It is the franchise’s 25th anniversary, of course, but there is just a tremendous amount of content coming our way. Between Resident Evil 8, the animated series Infinite Darkness, and now this, we’re looking at a really great time to be a fan. We’ve been assuming that the new Resident Evil reboot film would be releasing next year, but now we finally have a real window for when to expect it, thanks to Constantin Films’ website.

While there’s no other information on the surprisingly sparse webpage, the film’s release date is listed as September 9th, 2021. Of course, this site is both German (which might mean a different release date for that territory than in others) and the continued proliferation of COVID may interrupt any scheduled plans, so that date should be taken as tentative for now. Principle photography is still currently underway, most of what we’ve seen has been exterior locations such as the R.P.D. building and the Arklay woods, but interior shooting is most likely being conducted as well.

We’ve been very excited to see progress on the new Resident Evil film thus far, as sets have been shockingly accurate and even when they aren’t 1:1 they’re at the very least incorporating nerdy references or are in themselves one. We’ve also got some teases from the cast such as Richard Aiken’s actor, Chad Rook, referencing classic moments with the character being filmed on social media. Despite all of this, we still haven’t even scratched the surface on the film as we have yet to (really) see any of the costumes, interior sets, and outside of some rumors have no real insight into the film’s actual plot beyond it clearly being a combination of Resident Evil 1 and 2 to some degree (although it’s difficult to tell what percentage that is).

For now we’ll continue to keep you updated as more and more is learned about the film. At the moment, we’ve been getting a pretty steady flow of new information with an update just about once a week.


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