Resident Evil is BACK at Japan’s Universal Horror Nights

As we ease our way into the Halloween season, cereal companies, supermarkets, and CVS locations are starting to gear up for the most spooktacular time of year — with theme parks leading the charge. Universal Studios has been one of the shining examples of creepy-time fun, hosting their Halloween Horror Nights makeover for over 30 years, and once again they’ve brought the world of survival horror into their fold. Over multiple (although non-consecutive) years, Universal Studios has brought Resident Evil to life through scare mazes added to the park during Halloween horror nights, both in America (at their Florida location) and at their Japan location as well.

Most recently showcased as BioHazard: The Extreme in 2019, Resident Evil has returned this year with BioHazard: The Extreme + (these all have amazingly sequential names). Based on Resident Evil 2, this new maze returns to the concept of guests splitting off on two paths (mimicking Leon and Claire’s scenarios) to explore the Raccoon Police Station surrounded by zombies and monsters, appearing as both scare actors and animatronics/statues of BOWs waiting around every corner. Check out the description (the translation is a bit wonky tho):

Confront the creatures with your friends and fully open your adrenaline! Survive from the tense tragedy!

The Survival Horror Maze has evolved to experience the extreme fear of Resident Evil ™. At the Raccoon City Police station that has escaped, confront the attacking zombies and creatures and survive from two routes awaiting different threats! I am very excited about the world of Resident Evil ™, which can be entered into the whole body, such as the development that changes according to your actions and the display of the clear rank! Experience the horror of confronting Tyrant and Licker that appeared in front of you, and experience the ultimate sense of urgency and exhilaration by confronting creatures with your friends!

Like previous years, guests can also look forward to appearances by Leon, Claire, and Jill while touring BioHazard: The Extreme +, as well as zombified scare actors roaming the park. Resident Evil in person is such a fun concept, and I’m overjoyed to see it return once more, hopefully becoming a staple of Universal Halloween Horror Nights for good, and hopefully opening the door for other horror games to get the spotlight as well (Silent Hill previously got one). A Dead by Daylight or Dead Space Halloween attraction could be out of this world.

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