Resident Evil Returning to Halloween Horror Nights Japan

One of the coolest things about Universal Studios theme parks are the Halloween Horror Nights events. Starting in 1991 at Universal Florida, they’ve become a staple worth attending all on their own across all four Universal theme parks. The level of “all-out” they go on the special Halloween theming of the park, complete with actors, gore, music, and lots of fog, is a horror fanatic’s dream come true. Even better, are the tremendous amount of licensed properties that get brought to life, as walk-through attractions. John Carpenter’s Halloween, Freddy vs Jason, TWD, and even Silent Hill, (which was cross-promoted with Konami’s “Month of Madness”)these experiences are not to be missed — and are often a one-time thing. One special Halloween Horror Nights event from Universal Japan is clawing its way back from the dead this year as a new and revamped version — Resident Evil (BioHazard) The ExtREme, inspired by REmake 2! From Universal Japan’s site (run through Google translate and then attempted to untangle even that by me):

That real feeling, restarted to the extreme. Survive the catastrophe of tension in this Survival Horror Maze, and experience the ultimate fear of the popular series latest work “Resident Evil REmake 2” in real life. Left behind in Raccoon City, full of infected people, you step into the R.P.D. police station …. Can we safely survive from the two routes “Leon” and “Claire” where different threats await! ? Feel the ultimate sense of tension and exhilaration with zombies and creatures attacking, in a tactical experience that will even keep you going forward, and your finger on the trigger!

The original Resident Evil haunt was honestly so fucking cool and appeared both at Universal Japan and Orlando. They went all out, and much was instantly recognizable as a fan. That attraction was more themed around Raccoon City as a whole, with Leon, Jill, Nemesis, and several Raccoon City staples showing up throughout the walkthrough. This new version will apparently be following REmake 2 specifically, and offer two paths — a Leon path, and a Claire path. I’m super curious how they will differ, and what kind of impact splitting it like this will have on the attraction time itself. Countering long ass wait times with a decently long experience is super hard to pull off. Odds are against any of us being able to make it, but I’m keeping my eye out for videos of the attraction as soon as Halloween Horror Nights kick off this October. If you think you’ll be able to go, you can pre-purchase your tickets here, you lucky fucks.

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