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Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X HD Now on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Hey, it only took them forever to get a Resident Evil on backwards compatibility! Admittedly, CVX HD is one of only two Resident Evil games that aren’t readily available on Xbox One (the other being Operation Raccoon City), but it still feels weird that it took so long to get even one of them on the program. Code: Veronica X HD is the 2011 re-release of the classic 2001 PS2/GCN game, which was sort of a mixed bag. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of CVX (although it is often a fan favorite), but I’ll admit I enjoyed the changes made to this release.

Featuring a new dynamic lighting engine, improved water effects, and a new, darker color pallet, CVX HD really brought this Resident Evil up on its scary feet for me — although “HD” is kind of pushing it. The textures have basically had nothing done to them at all and things like the back of Claire’s vest are a garbled mess of pixels. The original release felt the full weight of it’s Dreamcast roots and seeing it get a less bright and cartoony look made me happy, but again, many fans felt the changes were unnecessary and detracted from the game’s charm. I guess you be the judge. Either way, Xbox One finally has a way to play CVX, after PS4 has had the original PS2 release for years. Complete with achievements and leaderboards, you can purchase it for $19.99 even if you didn’t already own the Xbox 360 release beforehand. Hey, we now have an almost complete Resident Evil collection on Xbox One and PS4, all we’re missing main entry-wise is… Nemesis.

Oh yeah, all four Lost Planet games are available now as well, but those don’t really apply to us besides Lost Planet 3. Even then, its weird mix of Dead Space and Batman was only just barely horror.


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