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Resident Evil 2 remake “progressing”, RE6 feedback shaping future titles

Resident Evil 2 Remake producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has spoken in an interview with about the impact Resident Evil 6 and it’s fan feedback will have on future titles, and touches on his hopes and the progression of the current remake in development as well as lessons from REmake HD.

Hirabayashi says that the team is working hard on the game to try and recapture the spirit of the original title, and cites the remake of the first game as evidence that a remake can truly recapture the spirit of its original incarnation, and he’s right – Resident Evil Remake is an excellent game and probably the best one to release since the original PlayStation One series of RE games.

“As you mentioned, the first game’s remake is held up as proof that a remaster can recapture the original game,” he said, “and as it so happens, the RE GameCube remake was my first project at Capcom. I was able to learn from more experienced colleagues and see with my own eyes how they translated their efforts into such a masterpiece that built on an already well-received game. It was an incredibly valuable experience for me.”

Remastering the remake was also a valuable learning curve as Capcom has stated in the past. By doing this, Hirabayashi says that going over that game with a fine tooth comb allowed them to re-learn lessons some would argue have been lost about design, pacing and presumably horror.

“Every title brings learning experiences”, he said. “and of course I saw a lot of the feedback on Resident Evil 6 and have taken on board everything I’ve heard from the fans about the game and I want to show you what it taught me with through the next experience I’ll be bringing to you.”

“Also, Resident Evil 2 was the first Resident Evil I played. Everyone’s experience is different but I remember how it felt to play it for the first time, and the task of bringing that to the fans all over again is a cause of daily headaches for me (laughs). Work is progressing on the game and all I can do is ask the fans to wait patiently and excited.”

Specific details of any gameplay choices have yet to be revealed and it is still unclear if Resident Evil 2 Remake will share the over the shoulder camera angle aiming like Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 or if it will go back to the series’ routes and return to fixed camera angles like Resident Evil Remake.

There’s certainly a lot of pressure on them to deliver. Resident Evil 2 was the first Resident Evil game that I played too and I absolutely loved it, it’s probably my favourite. Resident Evil 6, however, is by far the worst in the series in my opinion, missing out on almost every element which originally appealed to me about the franchise. Here’s hoping this feedback will lead Resident Evil 2 Remake, or indeed Resident Evil 7¬†if its coming, to return to its horror routes.


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