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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Capcom R&D Announce They had Cake

To be fair, it’s a very nice looking cake.

So today is Resident Evil 2‘s 20th anniversary in Japan and fans that were disappointed by the vast amount of nothing Capcom did on the US’ 20th anniversary have been eagerly waiting to see if Capcom announce anything on the Japanese anniversary. Well, they did! They announced that they had cake.

In the shape of RE2‘s iconic Licker (with some eyeballs around the fringe) the cake proudly proclaims Resident Evil 2 Remake‘s original mission statement: We Do It! The cake was apparently whipped up by RE series producer Jun Takeuchi to celebrate. Apparently, not everyone was satisfied with this announcement, as confirmed Capcom artist RikkTheGaijin lamented on Reddit:

Happy now?
I’m not, because I’m in the Dev Division 1, but I didn’t have a single bite of that cake. 🙁

How did you guys celebrate RE2‘s anniversary? Replaying the classic? Or perhaps one of the retellings in The Darkside Chronicles or Operation Raccoon City? Maybe you ran through a gauntlet of all the classic Raccoon City stories in chronological order? I genuinely hope someone out there broke out the Tiger Electronic Game version (no, not the GameCom version… the other one) to celebrate.

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