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Resident Evil 0 and CVX Vinyl Coming January 2020

Oh, what sweet dulcet tones visit me in the darkest corners of the earth. Resident Evil 0 and Code: Veronica X have probably two of my favorite scores in the entire franchise, and it’s wonderful to see them getting some modern love. The original soundtracks for both titles are getting new releases on vinyl from the same company that released the scores for REmake and RE2 Classic earlier this year. Even better, they’re both getting limited editions as well that have neat looking records, which will be two disks each. Check ’em out:

All four of these (as in the standard and limited editions) are coming January 2020, or at least that’s when they’re meant to ship by, and are available for pre-order now. They’ll run you $35 each, but if you want any of them you should get on it now; the REmake and RE2 Classic vinyl sold out incredibly fast, and the limited editions of both of those are gone for good as far as I can tell. Here’s hoping they keep on going with this, I’d personally love a vinyl of Resident Evil 4‘s score, and Outbreak would be an excellent choice as well. To be perfectly honest, Resident Evil has consistently tremendous scores throughout its history, even the doofy games like Gaiden have pretty great music. Here are two of my favorite tracks from RE0 and CVX in case it’s been a while and you’re on the fence, and again, these vinyl are available for pre-order right now!

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