Remedy Is Not Worried About Replayability In Control

control replayability

Mikael Kasurinen, the game director of Control, has spoken through the official PlayStation blog about some very interesting aspects of their upcoming supernatural shooter that they are preparing within the game.

According to Mikael, their main goal is to make something that encourages players to explore the game environments, not something that is “replayable.” Just recently Remedy announced that Control would not have New Game +. He also spoke about how important the Oldest House is to the whole experience.

You can’t have the full Control experience without exploring the Oldest House. It is filled with secrets and lore that open up the history of the place and maybe gives some clues on the phenomena that you witness.

Instead of making the game replayable, for us, it was more about creating a world that you can keep exploring. Sometimes returning to an old location can be fun since you can access areas that you couldn’t before due to having a new access level, or an Ability.

We had to accept that we will create a lot of cool content that many might never find. This will be the thing that will make people spend time in this world. A huge part of the content is actually purely optional in regards to the main story arc, and we hope that people realize that, so they’ll spend more time exploring the Oldest House.

It is not about repetition, it is about structuring the content in such a way that exploration, and just ‘being there’, is what you want to do because everything you find will feel meaningful.

Control will release on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store). You can find more information about the game if you visit this page.

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