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Remedy: There Will Be No New Game Plus In Control


Control will finally be released later this month! Although it was announced that the game was already gold a few days ago, Remedy Entertainment has planned more content that will arrive as updates other than the paid DLC.

During an interview with IGN, Thomas Puha, Sam Lake, and Mikael Kasurinen, communications director, creative director, and project manager, respectively, answered several questions from fans. When the team was questioned about the addition of the photo mode and New Game Plus, Thomas Puha confirmed that Remedy Entertainment will work on the photo mode after launch and that the developers will take a short break. On the other hand, he mentioned that there will be no New Game Plus mode for technical reasons, game design, and other reasons related to lack of resources. But it’s worth noting that the game will take roughly 20 hours to complete if the campaign is played to its fullest.

In addition, the creative director said that in the base title there will be no other modes, such as challenges or survival, but made it clear that they will consider ideas that they can implement in the future. Puha warned that these additions will have to fit the style of play as well as the capacity of the studio. Meanwhile, the manager said there will be alerts within the game that will indicate the player of events in which he/she can participate for a limited time to complete certain requirements, which will keep Jesse Faden, the playable director of the Federal Bureau of Control, busy.

What do you think about the statements of the team behind Control? What mode would you like them to add through updates? Would you have liked to start a new game with the advances you made in the previous one? Tell us in the comments.

Control will release on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store). You can find more information about the game if you visit this page.


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