Rejoice, Code: Veronica X on PS4 has Full Trophy List, Including Platinum!

Hey, at least I have a reason to buy it now.

Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X was announced as coming to Sony’s PS2 for PS4 selection this week (today, in fact, for NA players), and I’d been curious as to whether or not the game would be receiving a revamped Trophy list. While I prefer the HD version of CVX from 2011, it has to be said that it (and Resident Evil 4 HD, which released alongside it) had a paltry selection. With only 12, and one of them was essentially an Easter egg, it was annoying for lots of Trophy/Achievement hunters that the game had so few, no Platinum on PS4, and almost all of them were for simply beating the game. Well, no more! The PS2 for PS4 version is getting a full Trophy list including an all new Platinum Trophy!

The list still includes the original 12, as well as 18 all new ones added in (totaling to 30) ranging from new Easter egg Trophies (something about Claire shivering? Is that a thing that happens?) to completionist Trophies (get all files) and a number involving the Battle Game mode. I really wish RE4 had received similar treatment when it was ported to Xbox One and PS4, but I’ll take what I can get. I wasn’t really planning on getting CVX on PS4, but this revamped list is enough to get me wanting to pick it up. It might actually be a good idea in general to pick it up, as it probably won’t cost that much, and if it sells well enough it could lead to more PS2 era RE games getting a similar treatment (Outbreak, anyone?). But do keep in mind, this release is in no way remastered or retooled for PS4, it is simply an up-scaled version of the original PS2 release from over a decade ago. Do not go in expecting it to look anything like the 2011 remaster.


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