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Red Candle Games Wants to Test Your Devotion

If you are going to announce a game so early that you can’t give more than two sentences of detail, make sure you have a good poster. Above you will see an example of a great poster. Simple but visually striking, this image gets the job done. That’s excellent planning on the part of Taiwanese indie studio Red Candle Games as they announce their newest game in development, Devotion.

Devotion will follow a traditional Taiwanese household, with a seemingly normal family living in an old apartment complex in ‘the early days’. This is all the information available about the game for now, but it does give us a bit of insight. In Detention, Red Candle covered an important topic in Taiwanese culture and history. By setting Devotion in a traditional household, they seem poised to do the same thing, making the stories of their culture available in a way foreigners can understand. I said in the Detention review that I would be waiting for the next story Red Candle wanted to tell, and I am excited that the countdown appears to be on.

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