RE4HD Project Tackles Separate Ways in New Update

I genuinely wonder how old I’ll be when this is all finished.

While Capcom has issued multiple HD versions of Resident Evil 4 (first with 2011’s Xbox 360/PS3 Now in HD version, and then again in 2014 with the Ultimate HD Edition which has since been ported to current gen consoles), none of them have been especially… impressive. Sure, they’re in HD, but the grand majority of the texture work still looks incredibly fuzzy, muddy, or just plain… bad. One group of fans have been dedicated to giving RE4 nuts a truly HD version for years now, and it’s staggering. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project has been in development since 2014 and has been working on a mod to completely retexture the game. Work on the main campaign (that is, the original released Resident Evil 4 from 2005) has gotten up to about the midway point of what was (on Gamecube) disk 1, the end of the village section. Work has seemingly stalled since then, but not to worry – they aren’t stopping the work, just switching gears for a bit.

The newest series of updates (starting in September) reveal work being done on Separate Ways, the mini-campaign that was added to RE4 in the PlayStation 2 version and every subsequent release since. Admittedly, Separate Ways takes place in 80% locals from the main campaign, but work is speeding along at a surprising rate regardless. They’ve already made it to Chapter 4. It is probably the most “original” chapter of the 5, however. While only one of the areas is entirely new (the docking platform and battleship), the other areas we play through are heavily modified, as we’re traversing them after they were partially destroyed by Leon. This means that they’re only on part one of Chapter 4′s updating, but that’s okay. The amount of work being put into this project feels nuts, and the finished product will be a sight to behold.

You can check out more information and screens on the main site, and if you want to install the mod, you must own the latest PC version of Resident Evil 4. The download is right here. There’s also an awesome trailer showcasing the work done in this Chapter so far.

YouTube video


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