RE3 Remake: ESRB Has Spoiled Parts of the Game in Description

Sigh, another day, another leak/spoiler/whathaveyou. RE3 Remake is so close to being released, and yet the floodgates are just bursting at the seams. This time, however, the leak comes not from a grain-of-salt source or an unverified rumor, but from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or the ESRB (the USA’s video game rating system). On the ESRB’s website, you can find a concise breakdown of the type of content you’ll find in a video game, noting specific acts of violence or other content that would necessitate an age-rating (the page for GTA5 is hilariously long). As such, RE3 Remake has finally received its age rating: M for Mature. I’m shocked, shocked. The more specific point here, however, is that the description, unfortunately, spoils a few elements of the main game. This happened with RE7 a few years ago as well, however this description is a smidge more specific.

We won’t post the description here, but you can read it if you really feel like it. To be fair, this is a retelling of a 21 year old game, and odds are you already know exactly what specific things the description spoils. I am a little happy to see that a question I’d had for some time seems to have been cleared up by this description, although it doesn’t actually go into specifics on what I’m talking about. Either way, with only 28 days left until RE3 Remake releases, it might be a safe bet to go into lockdown mode on social media. You can mute certain words on Twitter, or just delete the app from your phone for a bit. While this is a remake of an older game, the story may have changed radically in some areas (we can already see evidence of this in trailers, Carlos and Tyrell visiting the R.P.D., Brad actually helping the R.P.D. evacuation efforts, etc), so be on your toes.

RE3 Remake releases April 3rd across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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