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RE2 Remake: The Original OST Swap Replaces Sound Effects as Well

Woah, talk about under the radar!

Okay, maybe it really is just me who didn’t notice this because I clicked away from the video too fast, but a few weeks ago Capcom showed off the noir filter, as well as Leon’s noir costume in action. Then, for a few seconds at the end of the demo, they toggled the soundtrack swap (which swaps the new, ambient score for the original 1998 PS1 score). We previously reported on this, but I had watched up until the soundtrack swap and then clicked away when all they did was walk around as Leon for a bit while the original “The Front Hall” track played.

What I hadn’t noticed however is that the soundtrack swap also swaps out some of the new sound effects for the originals as well. They showcase Leon opening and closing the item box in the front hall, behind the reception desk, and wouldn’t you know it, it makes the original sound effects from the PS1 version – the creaking of the trunk opening and the “bwloop” of exiting the menu can be heard.

This is honestly super awesome and has me stoked to hear more. This is not advertised at all in the description for this bonus, simply describing it as “‘Original Ver.’ Soundtrack Swap”. We did know that having this enabled would bring back the original title call as well, but replacing the actual sound effects is a complete surprise to me. I’m left wondering just how many sounds will be swapped out? Gunfire effects? Zombie moans? Doors opening? Would it be too much of an ask to ponder the dialogue being swapped out? (probably, yeah — there are several cutscenes and conversations we know for a fact don’t even exist in the original game). It is sadly not every sound, as we can hear Leon’s footsteps in the gameplay and they certainly aren’t the loud Clok Clok Clok sounds from the original game. Regardless, it is a great extra detail I wasn’t expecting, and it makes the idea of just leaving the OST swap on after my first playthrough all that more tantalizing.

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