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RE2 Remake: Check out the Noire Filter, and Classic OST, In Action

Capcom already showed off that, along with the “Noire” costumes for Leon and Claire in RE2 Remake, you’ll be able to play the game with a black and white filter over it, maximizing the old world blues vibe. RE‘s actually done black and white filters a couple of times before, in Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 2 (although they called it “Classic Horror”. Honestly, I found it a little underwhelming because true classic black and white isn’t actually just the colors dropped, it’s a very specific style of using lighting and tone. However, RE2 Remake‘s Noire filter actually looks… pretty damn good.

It might just because the game is so, so much darker than most of the past RE games (I mean the lights are literally off in half the RPD), but it feels noticeably richer to me. Deep, dark blacks and warm, creamy whites (or am I just talking about Leon’s cheeks?) make for a very spooky look, especially in areas where you’re limited to your flashlight. I know I’ll give the game at least one shot with it on all the way through. I am a fan of classic monster movies though, so I’m absolutely biased. It’s worth noting that this filter is totally optional, and can be toggled on or off regardless of wearing the Noire costume. Oh yeah, there’s also some footage of gameplay using the original OST swap, which is nice. While I don’t have any problem with RE2 Remake‘s more ambient score the remake is going with, I uh… I’m pretty sure I’m just going to be leaving the classic soundtrack on after the first playthrough.

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