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RE2 Remake: Someone Made a First Person Mod and it’s Terrifying

How about nope. A big, juicy nope with extra lettuce and a side of bacon. When RE2 Remake was announced, it was speculated that it would have multiple camera modes to replicate the feeling of both the original RE2‘s “fixed” camera and RE7‘s first-person view. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but it isn’t stopping fans from doing it themselves. A full fixed camera mod is still probably a ways off because of how complicated it is, but first person is as simple as moving the camera into the player character’s face. While RE2 Remake clearly wasn’t designed for it, leading to some disorientation (read: sickening in places, especially when swapping weapons, running, or reloading), it works similar to GTAV‘s first person, where the controls are still third person. The fear factor is intense though — especially when dealing with Mr. X.

Created by modder Praydog, it’s still in a beta state at the moment, but when it is released you can bet money that I’ll be trying it out because I’m a crazy person. The thought of the new Ivies in first person is genuinely terrifying and makes me kinda hope Capcom does this themselves as a free DLC, just for people who want that added immersion. Hell, get a first-person mode, and modders will more than likely figure out how to get it working in VR, and then we can all play while sitting on a toilet because it’ll be the only alternative to shitting ourselves. Check out some clips of it in action:


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