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RE2 Remake: Outbreak File #2 Collectible Returning


RE2 Remake will be joining almost every RE game released since Resident Evil 4 in having some sort of collectible(s). BioHazard France has discovered a Mr. Raccoon statue that can be collected while playing the Claire demo. It’s uh… well, you can see it at around the 5:50 mark during this video.

Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 had medallions, RE7 had Mr. Everywhere, and now RE2 Remake has these… creepy cartoon things. This is actually a fun shout out for RE lore enthusiasts, though, as Mr. Raccoon is the Raccoon City Zoo mascot, and was featured as a part of many collectibles in Outbreak File #2. He actually looks more or less unchanged from the statue we see in that game, aside from the loud paint job. This adds to an ever-growing list of other Raccoon City centric shout outs we’ve seen so far, including names of officers from Outbreak (like Rita Phillips) and references to surrounding areas like the Arklay mountains. As someone who loves Raccoon and the lore that surrounds it, I’m more than happy to see this level of dedication to making this the ultimate revisit of my virtual home away from home. I’m curious if this will be RE2 Remake‘s only collectible item though, or if perhaps Leon has a different collectible from Claire, and so fourth.

We’ll try to get a guide up on how to find them all as soon as we can come release next January.

[Source] via RE Only

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