RE2 Remake is the Highest Played Resident Evil all at once on Steam Ever

Holy shit. I expected RE2 Remake to be selling well (and admittedly this is just one of the three platforms it’s available on), but wow. While writing a piece regarding RE‘s future (coming soon!) I figured I’d check out SteamCharts for some information on the player-base. I’ve previously sourced the website in regards to the abysmal numbers for Umbrella Corps. and the sharp drop off of Overkill’s TWD, but I was blown away by the numbers RE2 Remake is getting. Obviously, these numbers aren’t equal to sales numbers, as all this tracks is how many players are playing all at once day-to-day, but RE2 Remake has more players playing at once than any other RE before it by like… a lot and has only been out for three days. To put it in perspective, here’s a list of all the other Resident Evil games available on Steam and their all-time player peak, lowest to highest:

Umbrella Corps: 428

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: 585

Resident Evil Revelations: 2,083

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition: 2,312

Resident Evil 5: 2,568

Resident Evil 0 HD: 2,924

Resident Evil Revelations 2: 3,659

Resident Evil HD: 4,340

Resident Evil 6: 11,836

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: 18,211

Resident Evil 2: 74,024

I mean, holy shit. Combining the all-time peaks of all the other games, you only get 48,943, still well below RE2‘s numbers. This is a huge deal for RE2 Remake. Again, this is not a direct representation of sales numbers, only indicating how many players played at once day to day, but RE2 Remake has had more than 50,000 players playing at once than the next highest game in the series. This makes it pretty easy to jump to the conclusion that (at least on Steam) it’s the series’ best launch of all time. On top of which, it’s sitting at the third highest viewed game on Twitch (behind Fortnite and LoL, of course) with over 90,000 viewers at the moment. Boy does it deserve it, in my opinion, and hopefully, these high numbers are across the board because I eagerly want more like it. Capcom wanted better reviews than better sales… but why not both? Hey, this game sells well enough, I can guarantee you that rumor regarding RE3 Remake will materialize into fact sooner rather than later.

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