RE2 Remake: Check out Almost 10 Minutes of Gameplay With Developer Commentary

Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

This looks so good. Like, holy shit wow kinda good.

Update 3: Check out the entire demo, 21 minutes of goodness!

YouTube video

UPDATE 2: More gameplay this time even longer and reveals even more of the map (including the safe room on the west side with the development studio and an all new third floor!)

YouTube video

UPDATE: Here’s almost 20 minutes of gameplay without commentary (Thanks to Facebook commenter Daniel!)

YouTube video

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is playable on the E3 show floor today, and while there have been a few shakey cam videos posted out there, Sony was kind enough to do a sit down with the developers as they played the demo. Playing as Leon Kennedy just after he reaches the seemingly empty police station, I am simply floored by everything I’m seeing.

YouTube video

So much work went into this, and I’m simply shaking after watching. Here’s a breakdown of the best things observed from new Resident Evil 2 gameplay:

  • -Limited ammo and strict, classic feeling survival horror is the main focus. This is not an action game, and trying to play it like RE4 or any of the other over the shoulder RE games will get you killed quick.
  • -Classic ECG health returns, and it only takes 3 or 4 hits to kill you
  • -The evidence lockup has been modified to function similar to RE7‘s bird cages/Evil Within‘s lockers. Acquiring the locker codes can get you extra ammo, health, and more.
  • -Typewriters used to save
  • -Defense knives from REmake 1 return
  • -Marvin Branagh has a larger role
  • -The RPD’s shutter system from the original RE 1.5 Beta return
  • -Ammo can be crafted with gunpowder, just like RE3 and 7
  • -Windows can be temporarily boarded up to secure high traffic areas (similar to closing the window shutters in the original game)
  • -Gore is dynamic. Each and every shot appears on enemies, and zombies can actively be dismembered with well placed shots.
  • -Damage the player takes remains on the character model, like bite marks
  • -Map massively overhauled. While it will still feel familiar to returning players, each and every room has been completely overhauled.
  • -Jumpscares have been remixed to provide a new and unpredictable experience
  • -More of Raccoon City is explorable than before
  • -Characters who only appeared briefly in the original game may be more fleshed out

This is all simply amazing sounding. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. Gah! In the meantime, Capcom has promised a stream tomorrow and they’ll be answering fan-submitted questions! Check out the Capcom USA Twitch tomorrow at 9:30 AM PST!

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