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RE2 Remake: Capcom Hosting Launch Livestream Jan. 22nd

Oh hey, that’s neat – although it will probably be entirely in Japanese.

To help kick off the release of RE2 Remake, Capcom will be hosting a live stream January 22nd featuring new gameplay, developer live commentary, special guests, and more. It’ll be streamed from a venue which you can attend for free if you’re… you know, close to it (Chuo Ward Tokyo Event Hall). From the press release on the RE2 Remake Japanese website (note: Engrish):

On this special delivery program sent from Tuesday, January 22, 2019 (Tuesday), based on the live delivery of the game, exhibits of goods, developer talk and photo spot that can be heard only here, best for special guests We will deliver lots of special programs that Mr. Moga will also appear!

And it is a special invitation to everyone who is a Resident Evil fan decided to this special event how. We also prepared a venue limited present that you can only get at this event other than watching programs. 

Lottery application for participating in this event will be held from December 21, 2018 (Friday) to January 10, 2019 (Thursday) until 13:00! 
We will wait for the application of everybody.

Neato. Hopefully, the stream won’t spoil too much about RE2 Remake right before release, considering that Capcom is starting to drift back into their RE5/Revelations days of just spoiling the whole damn game in marketing (and they did so well with RE7, what happened?). We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available! Of course, the game itself is now less than one month away, so stay hype, my friends!


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