Project Night a game in Alpha-funding; 90s horror-styled


In a sea of so many indie horror games these days, it’s still continuously surprising at the lack of games with fixed camera angles and stylized inventory management of yesteryear. It’s true that gamers change, genres change, and people look forward, but with the rise of appeal of retro-styled games and many still fond of the horror that previous console generations brought, it’s almost surprising not more have attempted this.

Project Night is definitely one of the closest attempts at this I’ve found. Currently in Alpha development, and in alpha funding on Desurea for $2.99, the playable build is rough, but very promising, containing two distinct levels (one playable from beginning to end, one without an end currently), and wearing more than a bit of its inspirations from Resident Evil and Silent Hill on its sleeves. It’s definitely rough around the edges, but its cheap alpha-funding price, continual small updates, and growing concepts hold a lot of promise.


My thoughts on it in its current build is that it is a fantastic groundwork that makes good use of both fixed camera angles, audio, and lighting effects. The enemies are a bit lackluster, but being worked at, and the diversity in the two locations is appreciated and interesting. I’ve actually generated legitimate excitement at seeing where the project goes.

You can play the current released alpha build right now by purchasing and helping fund it with $2.99 ($4.99 for the special edition with the soundtrack), and have all future developments of the title become available to you. There’s no time on funding as it is available on Desura, and will be funded based on interest. I’ll be keeping my eye on this title in the upcoming months.


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