Postal: Redux Coming to Switch October 16th

image showing postal redux logo and a large mouth screaming over some skulls.

Fans of the ultra-violent isometric shooter Postal will be able to fulfil their murder fantasies once again as MD Games Publishing have recently announced the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 16th, 2020. Developed by Running With Scissors, the original was launched in 1997 on PC. The story follows a man known only as The Postal Dude on a murderous rampage, massacring his way towards the United States Air Force, believing they have released a toxic gas that only he is unaffected by.

At the time, it was considered highly controversial (what with all that mass murder committed with reckless abandon and all) and while there have been much, much more shocking games released in recent years, Postal was somewhat ahead of its time in terms of how much it could upset the general public.

This redux edition has revamped high-definition visuals, remastered music and up-to-date gameplay. According to the Nintendo store, there will also be a number of extra features including:

– Brand new Rampage mode: Take aim for the high score in this frantic mode that awards points for sustained kill streaks, creative methods of destruction, and blistering fast action!

– Battle through 17 levels in the classic Campaign: Beginning from your humble Home, traverse through The Mine and Trailer Park, witness the mean streets of The Ghetto and the bright lights of The City, all the way to the final standoff at the Air Force Base, including a stop at the all-new Carnival.

– Includes the original add-ons: Blast through Special Delivery’s EZ Mart, Shanty Town, Earthquake, and the luxurious La Palamino Resort, and then head to Japan in Super POSTAL‘s Tokyo and Osaka! Play through everything together in the massive combined 23-level Excess Postage campaign!

– A wide range of foes: Defend yourself against gun crazy Vigilantes, trigger-happy Police Officers, trained and efficient SWAT and Military squads, the quintessential Marching Band, and angry Ostriches!

– 10 weapons of destruction: Lay waste with the mighty Shotgun and Spray Cannon, roast attackers with Molotovs and the Flamethrower, fill the streets with fire with the Napalm Launcher, clear out entire groups with Grenades and the Rocket Launcher (Heatseekers included!), lay traps for unsuspecting pursuers with varied types of Mines, and introducing the commanding Revolver!

Check out the trailer with the bitchin’ music below.

YouTube video

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