Post Trauma Launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC This Fall

Post TraumaA new gameplay trailer for the psychological horror game Post Trauma was shown at the recent Guerrilla Collective showcase. Developed by Red Soul Games and published by Raw Fury, the game will launch this fall.

Inspired by survival horror classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Post Trauma sees players step into the shoes of Roman, a middle-aged train conductor who finds himself trapped in a terrifying and twisted reality. you must explore the unknown, unravel mysteries, and try to survive the unspeakable horrors that lurk in these threatening surroundings.

The trailer showcases new gameplay and incredible voice acting talent, featuring Autumn Ivy, Hyoie 0’Grady, and Togo Igawa as Roman. The gameplay is similar to the classic survival horror titles of the late nineties, with players controlling Roman as he navigates his way through the twisted environments of a terrifying world full of unimaginable horrors.

Escaping this nightmare won’t be an easy task, as unexpected encounters and mind-bending mysteries await in this surreal world.

I’ve been following this game for a while, and it looks pretty special. I’m grateful to finally have an older, more relatable protagonist who doesn’t look like a generic twenty-something. There aren’t a lot of older characters in games in horror games, which is a shame. There’s a lot an older character can bring to the table in terms of experience, pathos, and the various ways you could incorporate that aesthetic into the gameplay. I’m glad that the game’s developers are taking advantage of this unique premise. We won’t have to wait long to see how this approach pans out.

Post Trauma will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can wishlist the game now on Steam.

Be sure to check out the creepy new trailer below.

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