Playstation Home gets Halloween costumes, Silent Hill included - Rely on Horror

Playstation Home gets Halloween costumes, Silent Hill included

Playstation Home, the place where a lot of strange people hook up digitally, will now be getting stranger. After tomorrow’s Playstation Network maintenance, users will be able to get on Home and download a variety of Halloween costumes from the European Playstation Store. Who needs to go outside and dress up when you can do it from your couch?

Generic scary weapons and monster costumes will be available to use with your Home avatar. Among the costumes is a Silent Hill HD Collection pack. Home users can dress up as the Red Pyramid (Pyramid Head for all you posers), a Bubble Head Nurse, or Robbie the Rabbit. No prices were given for either costume set.

Call me bias, but where’s the Xbox Live Avatar love? Sure, these costumes are photorealistic and much more detailed than anything Xbox Live Avatar’s wear, but I want to dress on my Xbox. Perhaps then I can finally play Fortress Craft as a triangular rapist like I have always wanted to.


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