Phantasmagoria film being developed

A film based on the 1995 FMV point-and-click Phantasmagoria is currently being developed by Black Castle Productions. Planned as a small budget film (less than 10 million dollars), Black Castle will be adapting the first game in the Phantasmagoria series for the silver screen. This marks their first production as a studio.

Like the game, Phantasmagoria: The Movie will follow Adrienne Delaney and husband Donald Gordon. The two move into a mansion owned by a 19th century magician, and as you’d expect, weird things start to happen. 

The film is still in the casting stages, but BAFTA winning actress Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Babe) has been announced to play Harriet – the disheveled vagrant living the barn of the mansion’s estate.

Further information on Phantasmagoria: The Movie can be found on the film’s Facebook page and IMDB.

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